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Am meeschten gekuckt - Photos of the Early Days
Wild Wind Band7959 mol gekuckt ginnMelbourne Australia 1976, Left to right: Jesse , Mike , Stephen, Gideon.
Lydia and Caleb7821 mol gekuckt ginn
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Sackcloth Vigil, Longhorn Stadium, Austin, Texas, February 1971.7329 mol gekuckt ginn
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Sackcloth Vigil during Russian Premier Alexei Kosygin's October 1971 visit to Toronto, Canada.6648 mol gekuckt ginnNote from back of picture:

Dear Mo-

Praise god! This is a vigil on the day that Kosygin visited Toronto. About 20,000 demonstrators (mostly Europeans from the Communist Countries) showed up to protest his presence. They had sign like: "Kosygin wants Canada for Desert" and would chant, it was just an unorganized mess of an angry mob. But when the Lord showed up with his silence then they stood in awe. The police were lined on the avenue in front of the building to prevent any en mass attacks and had double lines of reinforcements in the rear of the first line on the avenue median. When we lined on the avenue facing the building then reinforcements closed in and filled the gaps and so we were face to face, nose to nose, and eyeball to eyeball, the black brother holding the large scroll is Jacob Judea from the Atlanta House. Asaph is to his right and Syria is next (Nathan's Wife)

"I see a line of rods, standing, side by side. And there's no hidden secret that their silence
is going to hide".

Love Ya
Asaph of Adullan

(Steven (David) Took the Picture)
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Les Enfants de Dieu6524 mol gekuckt ginnArticle in a Teen Magazine on Les Enfants de Dieu
Faithy, Jonas, Tema Hart, Jeremiah, Ruthie, Black Simon, Suzanne, Chronicles, Tobiah, French-Canadien Gideon
Jeane Manson6481 mol gekuckt ginn
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