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Current and Former MembersCurrent and Former Members of the The Children of God/The Family
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Onion Creek Memorial Park


Onion Creek Memorial Park near Austin, Texas. Final resting place of five second-generation Family members who died in a July 16, 1995 automobile accident.

Nina Theresa Wickenheiser (1977-11-30 - 1995-07-16)
Precious Heart Oehler (1980-02-07 - 1995-07-16)
Katrina Angela Oehler (1981-05-04 - 1995-07-16)
Kristina Hope Noell (1978-08-26 - 1995-07-16)
Victoria Luz Korkames-Luevano (1980-09-13 - 1995-07-16)

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Non-MembersNotable people (for a variety of reasons, including dealings with The Family or role played in the group's history) who have never been members of The Family are listed here. The one exception is Ted Patrick, originator of "deprogramming", who briefly infiltrated the group in order to gather information.

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Images from Insight: Experts comment on The Family and other New Religous Movements, a public relations video produced by The Family in 1994. Includes appearances by friends and supporters of The Family including Eileen Barker, Allen R. Brockway, David Casterline, Bart Cox, Rex Davis, Charlotte Hardman, Rick Lannoye, James Lewis, Lawrence Lilliston, Gordon Melton, David Millikan, Christopher Murphy, Ellen D. Oliver, George Roberston, Gary Shepherd, Jack Thompson and Bryan Wilson.

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Photos of the Early Days
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Pictures from the early days of the Children of God

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David Berg


NOW IT CAN BE SHOWN (from the HomeARC)
"A Pictorial History of the Life of David from 1968 -- 1981"

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Paris Show Group


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Les Enfants de Dieu3918 mol gekuckt ginnTaken on the beach in Cannes during the 1975 MIDEM
Back row: Miguel, Chronicles, Jeremiah, French Joseph, Simon, Abimelech, Ginnethon,Nehemiah
Kneeling: Zerehiah, Suzanne, Tema, Topaz, Jonas, Joan, Jeshannah, Maggie, Samaria and Gideon

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